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Street Gliders
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Human powered Street Gliders (scooters) allow a rider to propel themselves forward without the need to pedal or even touch the ground. Street Gliders provide a low-impact exercise that can be enjoyable for all ages.
How do Street Gliders work?
Street Gliders' wheels at the rear end of the foot pads are made to swing freely along the plane of the ground or floor. Forward motion is achieved by shifting the rider's body weight back and forth between the foot pads. Much like skating or even snow skiing. As weight forces are applied, the pressured wheels will swing in an "S" shaped movement similar to a fish's tail, resulting in a forward motion. A wide range of Street Glider motion can be performed by twisting body and waist in combination with limb motions.
Any assembly required?
Street Gliders are almost completely assembled in the box. The only assembly required is to attach the handlebar to the stem which only takes a few minutes (wrench is included).
How much do Street Gliders weigh?
Approximately 20 pounds
Are replacements wheels and parts available?
Yes, we have wheels, foot pads and grips
What ages ride Street Gliders?
We have 5-year olds up to 86-year olds riding them. Best age is 5+ since 4-year olds hands are a little small to work the handbrake.